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Architectural Woodworking and Cabinetry Services by Glen Brann for over 25 years

Hope and Cedar Chests for all occasions.

Why BWC for your hope or cedar chest?

Our Chests are handcrafted from quality materials and superior specifications. They are truly heirloom quality pieces of furniture that you will be proud to display in your home. All of our chests are built to last for generations and provide years of use and satisfaction.

What options are available?

The majority of our chests are built to order. This means that you are able to custom design your chest to your personal taste and match home decor. Below are a few of the options we offer, but there are many more and we welcome your ideas.

Wood - Pine, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Birch
Finish - Natural, Stained, Stained and Varnished, Painted
Hardware - Brass, Nickel, Chrome, Brushed finish, Antiqued, Lock set
Trim - Shaker, Traditional, Contemporary
Legs - Ornate, Square, Round, Castors, Hidden castors
Interior - Cedar lined, Removable tray, Self-rising tray
Drawers - Faux drawer front, Single operating drawer, Dual operating drawer

What sizes are available?

Again, most of our chests are built to order. This means you can choose which size works best for your needs or stick with a traditional size. You can also literally "think out of the box." If you want something other than the traditional rectangular shape to fit in a unique location or to express your individual taste, we can do it.


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